The Tea on Tea Drops

A few years back, I stumbled upon the brand Tea Drops. At the time, I was a huge coffee drinker and did not think twice about this product. Flash forward to 2020 and I went cold turkey on coffee to switch to tea (I was super addicted to coffee – read more about my health journey). I’ve recently reintroduced coffee at a much smaller volume, but that’s another story!

Last year, my best friend and I were perusing downtown Santa Cruz when we came across this awesome little holistic shop. I noticed Tea Drops in the corner of a display and saw that they were certified organic! This is something that’s very important to me, I know everyone has their own opinion. I decided to place an online order since the store only had a couple different options, and I ended up ordering five flavors to try out. So, was it worth it?


What I love about Tea Drops is their products are fair trade, organic, made in America, and woman owned and led. The drops are individually packaged, but the packaging is 100% recyclable. You have a couple of options when purchasing: you can order 25 drops in a burlap bag, or you can get 10 drops in a 100% biodegradable and recyclable cardboard cylinder. Click here to read more on Tea Drops’ eco commitment!

The Flavors

Tea Drops offers many flavors, but the five I chose were Chocolate Gingerbread, Rose Earl Grey, Chocolate Earl Grey, Apple Pie, and Sweet Peppermint. My favorite for flavor alone is hands down Apple Pie. For relaxing, I love Sweet Peppermint, and for caffeine and flavor, Rose Earl Grey is the winner.

The Reason

I love loose leaf tea, my favorite is Kai Organic Tea, which I wrote an in-depth review of. The problem is it is kind of a pain to utilize loose leaf tea while at work. I work at a law firm and I am my boss’s right hand woman so I don’t have a lot of time to be fussing with a strainer and all that. That’s where I though Tea Drops would shine, just drop one in and let it dissolve for a perfect cup of tea! The idea was promising. The drops are even pre-sweetened with only 5 grams of sugar per drop (the sweetness level for me was perfect).

The Dilemma

I tried so hard to make these work for me! From microwaving the water, to boiling it, to using the hot feature on the water cooler…Nothing worked to dissolve the granules fully. What I was left with was a ton of debris at the bottom of the cup that I sometimes accidentally drank. Is this a huge problem? Not from a health standpoint. From a texture standpoint, yes. The graininess was very off-putting for me, but I have always been weird about textures.

I always want to give a brand the benefit of the doubt, so I did find a statement from Tea Drops which you can read fully here. Essentially, Tea Drops is loose leaf tea that’s been compressed and ground. Because of this, it will not fully dissolve in your cup no matter how hot your water is. They go on to explain the health benefits of consuming the tea leaves, which I definitely agree with. Again, my issue was purely a texture thing. Essentially, it is VERY NORMAL to have the sediment at the bottom of the cup.

I’ve seen a few people suggest straining the tea once it’s steeped, which I’ve been doing at home. Unfortunately, this goes back to my work dilemma of not having the time to be fussing with tea leaves.

Are They Worth It?

For this portion, I am going to rate the drops on a few different criteria, then I will break down my final opinions and suggestions.

  • Sustainability: 10/10
  • Flavor: 10/10
  • Convenience: 9/10
  • Texture: 5/10
  • Sugar Content: 10/10
  • Inventiveness: 10/10
  • Price: 9/10

Overall, I give Tea Drops an 8/10. For the price per drop breakdown, I feel like a high-quality loose leaf tea would be better. The sediment settling to the bottom of the cup is off-putting and something I cannot deal with at work, which is the entire reason I purchased these. I like the sweetness level and overall flavor profile of each tea I chose. I also like the idea of having an instant cup of tea, but I do wish there was a way to reduce the packaging a bit more, as this is also kind of the reason I shy away from disposable tea bags in the first place.

If you are genuinely curious about these, I suggest trying the sample box they have, otherwise, I strongly suggest the Sweet Peppermint and the Apple Pie flavors! There are definitely other options with stronger caffeine contents. is their direct website!

Have you tried these? What do you think?


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