Thursday Thoughts: Stress Management

Sometimes I’m just stressed. There’s no avoiding it no matter what I try. Being in a relationship, work, the dog, the commute….everything feels like it piles up until I finally break. I’m still trying to find the best solution to manage my stress, but here are a few things I’ve been working on.


It is really important for me to not give into cravings or stress eating when moments of high-stress occur. My favorite way to stay accountable is to write everything down, from food to my workouts. I love having tangible notebooks to write in, and the two below are the ones I’m currently using to track my moods, food, exercise, and more.


Earlier this week, I wrote about some great mindfulness prompts for journaling (click here to read that post). I enjoy journaling because it allows my thoughts to flow freely onto the page, even if those thoughts don’t make much sense. Having a place to dump my stress and random thoughts is wonderful. Again, I am a tangible person, so I need a physical journal to doodle in. I have a bunch of different journals I use; from a sketch book to a bullet journal and everything in-between. The key for me is affordability (and a cute cover).

Here are some of the journals I currently own:

Move My Body

In some form or another, I HAVE to move around when I’m stressed. My go-to is walking (read why here). Working out helps me relax and let off a bit of steam from the day. I have been trying yoga on and off, but I feel like it almost makes me mad as opposed to helping, I have no idea why!

Ignoring Intrusive Thoughts

Sometimes I just think really negative thoughts. To avoid that, I will go play with my dog, read, or listen to music. Basically anything to distract my brain from that negativity. This one is particularly hard for me to do because I tend to like to let things stew until they boil over, and then I explode. Oh well, I’m not perfect!

I am hoping to continue working on these de-stress techniques, and I may add some meditation if possible.