Brand Spotlight: Mobaak Aromatherapy Shoppe

I came across Mobaak products while grocery shopping many months ago. I was intrigued first by the packaging, and then by the beautiful scents offered. Since my initial encounter, I have purchased many products the brand offers, and I have even gifted a few to family!

The Story

Mobaak was founded in 2017 when the founder, Heather, was looking to live a cleaner lifestyle and eliminate common toxins. Now, the brand has a brick and mortar shop in Modesto, California, and Mobaak products are stocked around the US.

My Favorites

Mobaak offers a plethora of bath, home, and beauty products ranging from candles and room spray to face scrubs and soaps, all handmade! Personally, I am a huge fan of the Palo Santo scented candle and massage oil. I also love the men’s body oil in the scent Urban.

I currently own various mists for my house, and each one has such a beautiful, delicate scent that is perfect for deodorizing and giving a nice ambiance to the home. Personally, I use different scents in different rooms (I know, overkill). It makes my home feel warm and cozy!

For my sister’s birthday this year, she asked for candles. I immediately knew exactly where to go for the best scents, and I ended up picking up two candles in the scents Lotus + Bergamot and Juniper + Ivy. Her exact text to me when she used them was, “[the candles] hold their scent long after blowing them out”. I also gifted her a vanilla lip balm that I ended up trying while we were at the beach, and it was not only super moisturizing, but it smelled amazing too!

The Price

Mobaak is priced fairly for the quality of ingredients and the push for sustainability. Most products are in glass containers, and the owner suggests reusing the various containers once they are empty. Candles range from $8.50 – $28.00 depending on the size; ambiance mists range from about $8.00 – $16.00 (if I’m remembering correctly from my purchases!).

There are many other products as I mentioned, like oil diffusers, soaps, and more. I highly suggest checking out for their full list of products! Let me know if you check them out!