5 Simple Eco-Friendly Beauty Swaps

I am extremely passionate about making eco-conscious, socially conscious choices and purchases, but it always seems like I’m not doing enough. Listen, consumers are at the mercy of large corporations. We can only do so much when certain products just aren’t readily available. Why is it up to us to make all of these changes? Why can’t the large companies just simply stop producing the single-use packaging and products? My point is, don’t feel bad because you “aren’t doing enough”. If all of us swapped out JUST ONE of our wasteful products for a more eco-friendly option, that would be thousands, if not millions, of products being swapped out! Think about it, even one change can make an impact, so don’t be hard on yourself!

With that being said, here are five of the easiest, affordable eco-friendly beauty swaps ever! I don’t even miss the old products I used.

Safety Razor

Safety razors are metal razors with a single metal blade. Since there isn’t any plastic, the blades are actually recyclable through TerraCycle and other programs. The blades last me a very long time, and the razor is double-sided so you get double the life out of the blades. Here is an affordable option!

Bamboo Cotton Rounds

I used to go through so many cotton rounds for my makeup removal, toner, etc. I felt so horrible constantly throwing them away! I found reusable bamboo cotton rounds and never looked back! When I purchased mine, I acutally just used a small reusable produce bag (pictured) to wash my rounds, but I found you guys rounds that come with their own wash bag here!


I can’t give up my disposable flossers, at least not yet, so I found a great alternative! I switch between these flossers and this floss that comes in a glass container (and is made entirely of biodegradable bamboo and candelilla wax so it’s vegan)!

Dry Shampoo

I have to use dry shampoo, but the aerosol cans are so harmful for the environment! I’ve been on the hunt for a good non-aerosol option and finally came across Captain Blankenship. For reference, I have medium-dark brown hair and the powder is white. It doesn’t leave a white cast as long as you work it in with your fingers. This product comes in a shaker bottle that I actually feel works very effectively to disperse the product. There is a light citrus scent.

Cotton Swabs

For whatever you use cotton swabs for (yes, I’m talking you, the one who cleans their ears with them), traditional swabs are full of plastic and very wasteful. Though these cotton swabs are still single-use, they are made of, you guessed it, bamboo! No plastic in sight.

I hope this inspired you to make at least one swap soon! The more we pressure companies, the more necessity for eco-conscious products will force these companies to start making serious changes!

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