Kai Organic Tea: My Favorite Tea Brand

I used to be addicted to coffee. No, seriously. I was so addicted, I would get a migraine within an hour of waking up if I hadn’t had a cup of coffee. It got to a point where I was fed up with feeling horrible without a substance. I mean, we went to Yosemite and I remember being nervous because I didn’t want to drink a lot of liquids before a long drive but I knew I would get a headache if I didn’t. As a compromise, I brought a shot of espresso to take right before we started hiking. I wish I was kidding.

I decided to go cold turkey after basically 11 years of this addiction. It was torture. I made the decision to switch to tea and tried a bunch of different kinds before stumbling upon Kai Organic Tea. I am so happy I found them because their tea has made the transition extremely easy! It has been many months since I switched and I feel so much better. About a month ago, I tried coffee again and can now drink one every once in a while with no side effects.

I do want to give credit to their awesome customer service team. My package was stolen. I was so upset. I emailed them and they told me if my package didn’t turn up in a few days, they would replace my order. I felt bad because I know this wasn’t their fault, but I was grateful. Luckily, a torn up, ripped, open box was left at my door with nothing missing out of it. I’m assuming whoever stole it was disappointed to find tea, oh well!

The Brand

Kai Organic Tea started in 2010 in Texas. All of their teas are loose-leaf, hand-selected, and hand-blended. Kai offers black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong, pu’erh, and herbal tea, as well as various tea brewing accessories. The cast iron teapots are beautiful, by the way.

The Tea

Most of their teas come in multiple sizes ranging from a sample bag of 3 oz to a one-pound bag. I personally ordered sample bags from them before jumping head first. I highly suggest you do the same, especially if you are unsure what kind of tea you prefer. If you are used to coffee (and actually like the taste of coffee, not milkshakes), I suggest black teas. Black tea is actually my preference. If you are just starting your journey, herbal or white teas may be your tea of choice.

My Recommendations

I placed a very large order and I feel I’ve finally tried enough to give a fair assessment of various blends. Here are my favorites!

Maqui Berry is a green tea containing high amounts of antioxidants (due to the maqui berries themselves). This tea has medium-low caffeine and tastes absolutely amazing. I normally don’t tend to go for green teas, but when I saw this on the website, I had to give it a try. I am so glad I did! The taste is mild and sweet, as long as you don’t over-steep it.

Peruvian Cacao is a Pu’erh tea containing Pu’erh tea leaves and, you guessed it, white cacao beans. This tea is a medium on the caffeine scale. In my opinion, the taste of this one is very strong but delicious. I’ve had three cups so far, and I will be purchasing a larger size when I place my next order.

Island Coconut is a black tea with medium caffeine levels that happens to be my second favorite tea. The coconut flavor is very strong and the smell is out of this world. I drink this one almost every day, no sweetners needed! I HIGHLY recommend trying this one.

Peach Blossom is a delicate white tea with the most amazing aroma. This tea has low amounts of caffeine and is blended with tangerine, orange, and peach. I love this one when I’m relaxing on the weekends or when it’s chilly outside.

Now for my all-time, hands down number one pick: Chocolate Mint. I can’t say enough about this tea, you just have to try it for yourself. First of all, look at the gorgeous tea leaves! Chocolate Mint is a chai blend with a medium caffeine level containing dark chocolate and peppermint. Kai’s website suggests adding milk to this tea for an extra-rich cup, but I personally feel this tea speaks for itself. Seriously, if you can only order one flavor, I urge it to be this one!

In Conclusion

Check out all of the amazing flavors offered at www.kaitea.com and let me know what you order! This post is not sponsored, I am just a huge fan.