My Go-To Easy Kettlebell Workout

I love this quick cardio workout that includes some toning exercises as well! I repeat this 2-3x, or until I need to stop. I suggest trying once through with no breaks to see how you feel, no need to push yourself too hard! As always, stay safe and use proper form to prevent injuries! Keep scrolling for demonstrations.

I use a 15-pound kettlebell, but always adjust your weight to your fitness level! Here is an affordable option (the price scales with the weight, of course):

Hinge at the hips (I’m sorry, I thought I took a picture of this), allow your back to stay straight with the weight of the kettlebell hanging free. Swing your arms straight up, squeezing your butt and keeping your back straight. Allow the weight of the kettlebell to pull you back down, hinging at the hips. This move is all about the loose hinge of the hips, don’t force the momentum!

Don’t I look thrilled?! Anyway, this next move is great for your arms and back. Get into a split position, keep your back straight, and drop the weight of the kettlebell with one arm. As you lift the kettlebell, pull your elbow slightly back to feel a squeeze in your back. Repeat on the opposite side.

Carefully bring the kettlebell over your head with both arms. Drop the kettlebell as low as possible (as shown above) and slowly raise it until your arms are straight. Slowly lower the bell back to starting position and repeat.

Slightly bend your legs with a straight back (I thought by back was straight). Drop the bell down with both hands and let your body hang. Lift through your lower back and squeeze your butt at the top. Don’t force the lift with your upper back, let the lower back and thighs do the work. Lower back down slowly and repeat.

Do you like my mismatched socks? This move is my favorite for a great ab burnout! Be prepared to be sore tomorrow. Begin by lifting your knees up but not all the way to your chest. Drop the kettlebell to one side, holding it in both hands. Lift it up over your legs and drop it to the other side. Repeat until time is up. Enjoy.

Let me know if you try this workout!

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