Clean Beauty Highlight: Westman Atelier Stick Foundation

It takes a lot to impress me when it comes to foundation. I need something to conceal my imperfections but look natural enough to go undetected. Well, I finally found the holy grail. Upon first glance, you’re probably thinking there’s no way a stick foundation can be natural looking! I thought the same thing, but after reading all of the rave reviews, I had to give this a try! I give the Vital Skin Foundation Stick a 9.5/10. Click the link to check it out!

Westman Atelier is a luxury beauty brand that offers clean, pure ingredients. I personally purchase my products through Credo Beauty because I can be sure the products are all clean.

Right off the bat, the packaging caught my eye. The soft beigy tube is soft to the touch (think NARS packaging), and the cap is a strong magnet which I love. The foundation twists out of the tube with ease.

The reason this isn’t rated the full 10/10 is simply the price point. I did mention Westman Atelier is a luxury brand, and I wasn’t kidding. For .31 oz of product, be prepared to spend $68.00. Yikes. Is it worth it? In my opinion, yes. If you are someone who likes a full coverage, thicker foundation, the price of this is NOT worth it. But for those who enjoy a lighter, natural coverage, this is perfect; a little goes a long way!

Right now, Credo Beauty is offering $10 off of a $50 purchase for new customers through my referral link here. For full transparency, this link will also give me a $10 off $50 coupon when you sign up. New customers can also get 10% off right now sitewide (this is just on their site if you don’t want to use a referral code!).

All in all, this foundation is a splurge, but one that’s worth it for work and professional occasions! What’s your favorite foundation?