Essential Oils for Relaxation

Some people claim essential oils can cure almost everything. While I don’t necessarily agree with those claims, I definitely do reap the calming properties of my favorite roll-on and stick oils! What do you use to relax?

Badger Stress Soother

This stick aromatherapy blend can be found here for under $10.00. It has a blend of tangerine, mint, rosemary, chamomile, and cedar, and I like to apply it to my wrists, temples, and behind my ears before bed!

Yuni Pocket Savasana

The Yuni Pocket Savasana is my favorite to use right before yoga or after I get out of the shower. It is a roller-ball style oil that works perfectly on the temples and declotage areas. This product is on the more expensive side – at around $22.00 per roller.

Calm Roll-on Aromatherapy

A very affordable option, the Everyone for Everybody Calm roll-on is only $7.99, and I purchased mine from Sprouts! I love the blend of oils and scents in this one, but I do like to use it in the morning versus at night – the orange scent is very strong and not quite calming enough for me for bedtime!

Trader Joe’s Mood Odyssey

I recently picked this set up from Trader Joe’s and am pleasantly surprised with the quality! This entire set was $9.99, and it comes with four different blends: bliss, relax, awake, and sleep. So far, my favorite is bliss!